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The Exclusive Club for Sophisticated Degens

An Organization of Crypto Savvy Investors, Thinkers, Doers & Developers Creating the Future of Decentralized Investing



888club.eth will accumulate the Top Tier NFT Projects to Create one of the Most Significant Passive Income Portfolios in the Space

A Proof of Concept Portfolio is Live

& Providing Opportunities for Early Members

Focus: Deliver Passive Gains & Long-Term Growth

Members have Priority Access to 888club Portfolios

888club.eth will require a .eth address or another user-friendly address to be used as Member ID

You can obtain a user-friendly address from ENS



The 8-PASS Membership Provides

Priority Access to Funds

Voting Power (1 of 888)

Full use of Member Website

including 888club's Crypto Dashboard

Exclusive Access to Raffles

including NFTs from the Kickstart Portfolio 

Access to VC Investing & More!

Members have no obligation to invest in future funds & can simply benefit from the Resource Center,

Crypto Dashboard, VC access and plentitude of knowledge amongst the group

Portfolio Allocations


Bridging DeFi, GameFi & NFTs into an Ether Yielding DAO

Example of future NF20 Fund Portfolio


All Projects will have an Allocation

amount of 1%-15% of the Portfolio


Club Members get to have their cake and eat it too


Staking and Yield Farming will secure sustainable revenues for the DAO to ensure long-term operations are upheld no matter the overall market conditions

Portfolio NFTs Will Be Utilized for their Yields including Airdrops, Claims, Gaming, Access & More

The NF20 Portfolio will consist of 8-20 Allocations

How It Works







Consistent Yield
Paid In ETH

Portfolios to

Payout Contributors

by Smart Contract

Voting Rights

One Vote Per Token
Holding Address


Crypto pays endless dividends. Holding the right NFTs means receiving airdrops from diverse allocations

Full Website Access

Access to Crypto Resources, Proposals, Voting, Discussions, DAO
Leaders, Accounting
& Raffles

Initial Steps


ball blank.jpeg
ball blank.jpeg
ball blank.jpeg
ball blank.jpeg

Launch 8-Pass

Base Membership 


Membership NFTs

Launch Decentralized

Portfolio Funds

Launch Official
Members Website

Org Structure



Only Members Contributing to Funds will receive payouts from the relative Fund i.e. contribute to the NF20 Portfolio, receive payouts based on that Portfolio


Active Members

888club.eth NFT Holders that choose to participate in Investing, DAO voting, proposals, research, development and/or any other participatory actions that may be taken. Some roles will have compensation opportunity. Some Active Members will form the DAO Leaders Group.

Active Leaders

888club.eth NFT Holders that Lead the building and administration of the DAO. For efficiency reasons, In year 1, the Active Leaders will also govern the Portfolio portion of the DAO along with Passive Leaders. These Leaders will Head sectors of the DAO and be compensated as described in the Operations Budget. 

Passive Members

888club.eth NFT Holders that choose to use the resources and information and not take participatory actions in the DAO. There are no restrictions, any Member has the option to vote or perform any other active member action. 

Passive Leaders

888club.eth NFT Holders that choose to participate in the operations and are also elected to be DAO Leaders to participate in and provide oversight, advisory and portfolio governance.

ball blank.jpeg
Compensated Roles 2.png

Active Leader Roles

Administrative Lead
Development Lead

Portfolio Manager
Networking Lead
Research Lead

Active Member Roles

Operations Architects

Once the 888club Members Only Website is established, all

Members will be required to sign-in to the Member Website

every 112 days to show their wallet is active in order to

receive any distributions



PFP 2.jpg

Systems Architect
& Fund Manager

In the crypto space since 2016, contributing through investing, promoting, mining, and running nodes. A lifelong entrepreneur with several successful business ventures. Responsible for 7+ figure revenues for over 10 years. Extensive experience in high value ventures, including several multi-million-dollar Real Estate projects. Successfully Full Time Crypto for the past few years.

  • Twitter
CryptoLife Logo.jpg

The Educator

Crypto Enthusiast and promoter since 2014. Responsible for bringing hundreds, if not thousands, of people into the crypto space. An active participant in the global community with a voice like no other.

  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Solidity Developer

Computer Science Student and Solidity Developer who got into Crypto & NFTs in 2021. Worked on the AlphawolvesDAO contracts and is continuosly excelling as a programmer in the world of crypto. Artist and gym rat with a persistent work ethic and strong principles.

CMJ - Outer Citizen #1685.jpg

Project Manager
& Admin Lead

A crypto investor since early 2017 with over 10 years experience in the legal profession, including Risk Management at one of the largest law firms in the world. She has successfully undertaken several high-profile projects as well as dealing with many highly sensitive crisis situations. A certified PM with successful start-ups conducted for over 10 years.

  • Twitter
MK Japan.PNG

Trend Spotter

An IRL Builder and Visual Artist with extensive experience in high-end Real Estate and a passion for the Metaverse realm. In the space since early 2017, with a track record of spotting the trends to-be.

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Leader Positions

888club.eth will always be looking for independent, reliable  individuals who value the visions and principles of this DAO.  Currently looking for Research Leads, Devs and Knowledgeable Degens.

McFly Profile.jpg

Marketing Advisor

Heavily entrenched in the world of Crypto, Martin enjoys spreading marketing knowledge to members of the Crypto community. He has been the "go to guy" on several notable ventures and projects in the NFT space and beyond! He uses his skill sets to launch NFT projects, help onboard digital artists, and collaborate with large brands.

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
NeoTokyo S2.jpg

Investing & Systems Advisor

A natural born calculator and early crypto investor since 2015 who has a keen focus on recognizing and understanding value. A highly successful long-term investor in Equities and Crypto.

citizen_2495 - DinoZaver.png

Development Lead

Passionate about ground breaking tech. Full time in web3 since early 2021, building the future technology every day. Has been building impactful products for 7+ years. Lead Developer of several projects and platforms. Founder of and, the Web 3 Job Marketplace. He loves to chat crypto and spread technical knowledge about NFTs and smart contracts.

  • Twitter
  • EasyLaunch-removebg-preview
Impostors #1584.PNG

Game Tester & Developer

Stacking since 2, Mining since 7 and gaming all the way along. He can be found explaining monetary and investing principles to adults. A year after his first rig build, he is now learning Python. This will be a well-known individual in the future crypto space.

  • Twitter

to the Researchers, Devs, Consultants and Lawyers in Neo Tokyo for helping provide valuable info, feedback and critique.

This DAO is built in Honor of Big Dog

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  • What are the Main Principles of 888club.eth
    Principles: Efficiency Decentralization Long-term Prosperity Streamlined Information Resourcefulness & Self-Education
  • What makes 888club.eth unique compared to other NFT DAOs?
    Here’s part of the list: NFT Holders will be distributed ETH – not a DAO ERC-20. They will not have to claim the yield, it will be automatically sent to the token holding addresses. 888club.eth is a long-term focused organization with a very clear and concise plan based in longevity and decentralization. The formulation of this DAO has been carefully thought through and peer reviewed, with some aspects tested for over 1 year. No Freebies - Each token minter will contribute for their NFT in each Fund. The Multisig Safe is active and receiving contributions - beginning in decentralization. Each holder will have a Decentralized Identity using a .eth address. Diversification; Portfolio plans include Eth 2.0 commitment, DeFi Staking, GameFi, Metaverse Land and Utility NFTs. Only 20% of Fund Mints will be used to cover start-up and operation costs (compared to 25%-100% from other projects). Equal representation with each token holding address having 1 vote. There is a sustainable revenue source to maintain the organization in ETH Staking, LPs and other planned revenue sources. The Start-up Team is very experienced and diverse (vocational history, whereabouts, education, languages, cultures, family backgrounds etc.) and many have never met. Overtime, Members contributing to Funds are being returned their original loan of eth to start the DAO Funds. So it's a non-taxable event for contributors in many jurisdictions.
  • What's the Main Point?
    The Objective is to establish a highly functional system that mechanically provides continuous value to each Member of the Club. 888club.eth is innovating NFT investing, ownership and understanding. Existing technology allows for a substantive amount of opportunities - many of which are not yet realized by standard NFT Projects. 888club.eth is bringing a vast amount of opportunity to Members, for minimal contributions. The organization is demonstrating that with the right systems in place, individuals can thrive without standard dependencies of human trust. The system is being created to allow members to invest in the space without all the noise and idiocy. A system built on the trust of math.
  • What are $BYTES?
    BYTES is the Token of Neo Tokyo. An ERC-20 with the contract: 0x7d647b1A0dcD5525e9C6B3D14BE58f27674f8c95 You can add BYTES as a Custom Token on Metamask and exchange Eth or another ERC-20 on to obtain BYTES. Neo Tokyo is an NFT Project comprised of Builders and Participants in the Crypto space. Led by affluent and successful tech entrepreneurs Alex Becker and Elliot Wainman.
  • How will I get to use the 888club.eth NFT Holdings like BAYC and Impostors?
    More details will be revealed in time.
  • Why is it called an NF2.0?
    888club.eth has formulated a unique NFT which encompasses aspects of more evolved types of tokens including an ABT and SBT. Therefore 888club.eth has coined the term NF2.0 to signify the innovative membership NFT.
  • I read that it’s required to have a .eth address to Mint the NFT, why is a Decentralized I.D. important?
    888club.eth will encompass a variety of individuals represented by .eth addresses which will act as a “name” for each member to establish a reputation in the DAO. This may also encourage individual Minting because it takes extra costs and efforts to mint a .eth address, and therefore it is likely to help decentralize the holdings and voting.
  • Why 888?
    888 was chosen as it is the universal wealth building number and to keep the membership exclusive. Also to not dilute the holding power (voting and yield) of each token. Less than a thousand addresses will be able to participate which may heighten participation and inclusiveness in the DAO operations.
  • Is 888club.eth the DAO name and also the wallet address?
  • Why is the NFT being airdropped?
    888club.eth is doing something different. A sophisticated approach to degen investing. That means the way it grows, how it's formed and what it does is determined by certain principles based in freedom, decentralization and equality. Therefor there is no whitelist and the approach is long term. This should attract a specific breed of investor and deter those who are not aligned with the ultimate vision. It will also save on gas fees for the contributors who will make up the DAO which is built to serve the members, not the other way around.
  • How do I know if 888club.eth received my contribution?
    It is viewable on the Ethereum blockchain. Go to and enter your transaction ID. The DAO wallets are all publicly viewable at all times.
  • What does 1 vote per address mean?
    Token holding addresses will have voting power in the DAO and each address, no matter how many member NFTs are held, has 1 vote total. This is to equalize voting and recognize that the amount of tokens held by one address, does not necessarily determine the holders abilities and value to the club.
  • Couldn’t someone create multiple .eth addresses and have multiple votes?
    Yes. This is possible. However, after a certain number of contributions to the DAO, it may make more sense for someone to allocate their portfolio privately. Further, decentralization is being strongly encouraged in all aspects of the DAO from minting, to holding, to governing.
  • How are payouts distributed?
    Payouts to members will be distributed via smart contract to token holding addresses consistently from a designated distribution wallet.
  • Why is the DAO Ethereum based?
    Ethereum is the most active, highest valued and most reliable NFT ecosystem.
  • What projects will 888club.eth allocate the fund towards?
    The 888club.eth portfolio will be comprised of thoroughly researched NFT projects. The start up portfolio can be viewed in the Discord Server.
  • How often is the DAO portfolio going to be adjusted?
    The portfolio will be constantly monitored; however, the investing approach will be hands-off style, which basically means HODLING. Adjustments will likely be made from time to time, but the initial allocation list has been thoroughly researched and voting by all DAO members will determine how any major moves are made in the future.
  • What will the DAO members vote on?
    DAO members will vote on a variety of proposals brought forth by other DAO members. This is likely to include active roles in the management of the DAO, NFT projects to allocate DAO funds towards, investing strategies and other governing principles and actions.
  • How will the DAO earn eth from NFT projects that receive other tokens?
    All tokens received will be converted to ether on a regular basis, at an optimal time (pertaining to gas fees).
  • Why would I want shared ownership of a collection of high-valued NFTs?
    888club.eth DAO acts similarly to an Index for NFTs in that the allocations are diversified and are correlated to the values of holdings. Members will also benefit from potential airdrops, and potential access and utility from the NFTs that are part of the DAO portfolio. For example, maybe there’s a BAYC party in your town – you might propose to the DAO to allow your 888club.eth NFT to represent the BAYC owned by the DAO and to make use of the access for the party. GameFi NFTs could be used for members to Play to Earn and keep their earnings without having to rent out the NFT from the DAO (because it's yours!).
  • How will the DAO sustain management and general expenses?
    The NF20 mint will cover the first year of operations as well as the start-up costs. Moving forward, 50% of the resale royalties on public markets will be added to the treasury. A portion of the mint funds will be staked to compound to cover basic overhead expenses. Staking and resale royalties are anticipated to cover general expenses in Year 2 and beyond. In addition, a portion of the DAO fund is allocated to an opportunity fund and a back-up for operations costs as contingency. Automation will be the focus in the first year and is expected to alleviate much of the human necessity for operations therefore drastically reducing operations costs.
  • What will the resale royalty be for the 888club.eth NFT?
    Resale Royalty on public markets such as OpenSea and LooksRare is 8%.


888club.eth and it's founders are proud to be featured on multiple mediums. Check out some of the coverage below.

888club.eth exists autonomously on Ethereum. Decentralize the world.



888club.eth exists on the Ethereum blockchain, a decentralized network. Any DAO NFT value will be determined by decentralized forces. The organizers of the DAO are in no way the shareholders or owners of the DAO. The DAO exists only on the Ethereum blockchain, not in any state jurisdiction. In some ways comparable to an unincorporated non-profit, this DAO is organized for a community to come together for mutual benefit to create value and sustain long-term decentralized and primarily automated governance. Contributing to the DAO, does not constitute an investment and there is no value assigned to membership. Participation is voluntary and at the sole risk of each individual. Members and active participants are not legal agents or representatives of the DAO. Contributions to Fund Portfolios are considered a loan to the DAO and loans will be repaid to contributors, incrementally as “yield”. 888club.eth exists autonomously on Ethereum and is a non-profit autonomous operation.

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